Sage Valley Golf Club Member-Pro

Hey Everybody, I had a busy busy weekend out at Sage Valley Golf Course, they hosted their Member-Pro golf tournament March 10-12. The weather was perfect, and I got to see everyone again so it was so nice. The event was hosted by Weldon Wyatt and his son Tom. The winner of the event was non other than Brian Holden and Joe Jackson, who golfed amazing. They were awesome on the course. I even was able to catch Joe doing the famous “Tootsie Roll” out on the course!! It made everyone laugh. Joe Jackson is related to Shoeless Joe Jackson-his grandfather, remember the movie Field of Dreams?!!! It was an honor to meet Joe, and what a fabulous weekend we had. Thank you so much to my new print lab from HITI so I can do portable photographic prints at golf outings, and my friends from Hand Crafted Framing who did an amazing quick job at getting the winners framed pieces ready so quickly. You are all amazing!!! Sally

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