Demarcus Lovett

Hey Everybody, I was busy again yesterday with another senior session. This time I am with Demarcus Lovett. He is an awesome senior over at Cross Creek. He is an amazing student and studies all the time. He is thinking about getting a degree in mechanical engineering and may attend Georgia Southern. He likes to read books alot, play video games, and hang with his friends. He is an all together fun guy to take photos for. He had me doing some unique stuff in the camera room. He loves to read scary books so we did some gool lighting on him. I thought we would break the camera, the room was so dark, I thought it would fall off the tripod, but it all turned out fabulous, and another reason why I love my seniors and why I love photography. They all seem to go hand in hand!!! Thanks Demarcus for an awesome day.

And just for the record, Pride and Prejudice is not a scary book, but it was the only book he had in his car!

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