Wheeler Road YMCA

Hey Everybody, it has been a busy two weeks, and I am a little behind on the blogging as I have been photographing non stop! But, I have a new group here to the website today, and I wanted to get a blog on right away so all of the folks would know how to navigate around my website. I really enjoyed being out on the field last night and meeting all of your wonderful kids. To view your pictures, this is what you do. Go to the top of the header bar, right below Sally Kolar Photography. You will see links for my galleries, about Sally, check availability and there is one called: Your Event. Double click, Your Event. Then look for gallery that says Wheeler Road YMCA at the VA. There is a password on the gallery. It is the name of the hospital that the field is behind, it is two letters and it is lower case, just type it in, then you can view your pictures. I thank you all for coming out and letting me photograph your children, I had a blast, especially my imaginary ball girl!!! Sally

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