Gogo Ferguson and Paul Pearman

Hey Everybody, It has been one busy week. I have been downtown almost everyday as Paul Pearman has commissioned me to document a new piece of artwork he will be producing for the new MCG dental building, we cannot show pictures until the grand opening but let me tell you it is fabulous. Today, I was downtown and Paul and Michelle asked me to follow them over to the Morris Museum so I could photograph Paul with Gogo Ferguson.  As you all might know, Gogo has a line of jewelry that is awesome. (Paul’s is mighty impressive also) Gogo’s collections have been the benchmark for brides and grooms elite of the world. In 1997 Gogo designed the wedding ring for JFK Jr. and Caroline Bissette and hosted the wedding on Cumberland Island.  It was very exciting to meet her and more exciting to photograph Paul and her together. So much talent in one room is amazing!!!! ~Sally

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