Janie Findlay

Hey Everybody, Check this out, Tatum and Paul have had a baby!!!! She is so beautiful and her name is Janie Sue! She is sweet as can be! Tatum called me after she was born and said, “Sally, I want you to be the first to photograph her!” Being a mother of twins, I know how overwhelming being a new mom can be, so I offered to drive to Atlanta and do the shoot at their house. So Saturday morning I got in the car and was so excited when I finally got to their home and knocked on the door and actually got to meet Janie for the first time. I think the photo session turned out great and we have a lot of fun images for Paul and Tatum to look at. Janie is going to grow up with dresses and bows, and as the years go by you will always love seeing her photos. I can’t wait till the next time we photograph and I get to see how this little angel is growing. To Tatum and Paul, thank you for letting me be your family photographer. I love you guys!!! Sally

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