Sarah and Kurt are Married!!!

Hey Everybody, it’s official, Sarah and Kurt are married!!!! The wedding was fabulous, we had a wonderful time, and we also got to team up with another fellow photographer, Sunshine, from Sunshine Photos in Middletown, Ohio-who photographed and posed the above picture. Sunshine is on a woman’s photographers facebook group with me, and offered to assist me with my niece’s wedding.  She helped us especially with the romantic photos of Kurt and Sarah-Sunshine is a PPA  Master Photographer and wow…amazing. We had so much fun working with her. She is one of the most talented photographers in Ohio, so if you need a photographer, I would highly recommend her, we loved her, and because of her help, I was actually able to dance a few times, eat lunch at the reception and smile for the fun of it!!! The reception was at the Manor House and it was just lovely. Then afterwards we went to a party at Tom’s house and sat with my brothers, sister and cousin’s and had a great evening. It was all incredible. We wish Sarah and Kurt happiness their whole lives and know they are perfect for each other. Love to them all, Aunt Sally

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