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It’a my first BIG BILLBOARD!!!

Hey Everybody, I hope you will check out my very first LARGE BILLBOARD!!! It is up on Washington Road right across from Warren Baptist Church, it is of Mack Taylor-Attorney at Law-he is one of our very own Evans attorneys. All I can say to Mack is thank you! We value your business and thank […]

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Heather Peacock Bridal

Hey Everybody, I was in the studio yesterday with Heather Peacock doing her bridal portraits. She brought along her sister, Jessica Greenlee,-we did Jessica’s wedding a few years ago, and her mom Robbie. They are so excited Heather’s wedding is just a few short weeks away and they are so excited about the wedding. We […]

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Lakeside High School Swim Team

Hey Everybody, I was out early this morning with the Lakeside High School Swim Team. We car pooled out to Thurmond lake past Modac and did all of the seniors!!! It was awesome. We found an old fashioned dock and had everybody smile, it was amazing. It was a perfect summer day. We have a […]

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The Edge

Hey Everybody, I was over in Hammonds Ferry doing a new shoot for Edge Hair Salon. The girls had their hair and makeup done and were dressed in Game Day Outfits from Edge. It was fabulous! We had a great day, and I thank all of my LHS senior cheerleaders with helping me with the […]

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Victoria Smiley

Hey Everybody, I was in Hammonds Ferry with Victoria Smiley. She is a senior at Lakeside. and wow does she look amazing!!! She had her hair done by the Edge Salon and was wearing one of their “game day” outfits! She looked great and we did a fun photo session and had a great time. […]

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Payton is TWO!!!

Hey Everybody, where does time go? I can hardly believe that Payton is two! Wasn’t he born just yesterday??? WE had a wonderful photo session. I photographed BIG BROTHER Aidan in his karate outfit, and had birthday balloons and cake for the boys!!! They are growing so fast and making me feel older and loved […]

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Tatum, Taylor and Victoria

Hey Everybody, I am over in Westlake with the Brown’s, Bank’s and Smiley’s photographing their girls for the Lakeside Program. It is hard to believe this trio has made it to their senior year. They are smart, funny and cute and headed into the best senior year ever. We may even plan a special trip […]

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Augusta Cheer Academy

Hey Everybody, we are out in Evans tonight at the Augusta Cheer Academy on Washington Road doing photos. We were also there¬† with Mary Hart from Fox 54. We were doing still photos and they were doing a live commercial. It was very exciting. What was really cool was that we ran into a lot […]

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Doland and Hope

Hey Everybody, I am back in Hammonds Ferry today with Hope and Doland, and NO RAIN!!! Yay!!! We were able to actually finish our photo shoot. Their mom, Stacey, wanted to get some pictures of the two kids together before Noland left for college. He just graduated from Fox Creek High School and is headed […]

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Johnny’s Birthday Party

Hey Everybody, well it sure was a busy busy weekend. And Saturday was no exception! We ended our day photographing a very special birthday party for Erika Stokes grandmother Johnny. She had her 80th birthday this past Thursday and the family planned a private party at Champions Retreat on Saturday for her to celebrate! Everyone […]

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