Emily Borden

Hey Everybody, I was in the studio Friday afternoon with Emily Borden and her mom, Brenda. We had a lot of fun catching up, it has been a few months since I have seen Emily, so it was exciting to hear how her summer was going and hear about her plans for the fall. Emily is headed to UGA and she is very excited!!! As you all know, Emily was our homecoming queen, Miss LHS pageant winner and our Prom Queen! She is loved by everybody at Lakeside and so down to earth and friendly!!! Her mom wanted to get pictures before she went away to college, so she brought in her competition cheer outfit, her crown from Miss Lakeside, and her recent dance outfits. Emily competed in a Applause National Dance competition this summer and her team won 1st place!!! Congratulations to all the girls on her team.  And here is a little P.S. …..  I hear she is going to be dancing at the football games at UGA so you all will just have to keep in touch with Emily so you can hear all about it!!!! Sally

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