Kendyl Pennington

Hey Everybody, I was in the studio today with Kendyl and her mom, Kathy, doing senior pictures for the LHS program for Kendyl. I can hardly believe she is a senior and it is sad to think this will be her last year at Lakeside. Her pictures turned out amazing as always. I feel sorry for the family, they are going to have such a hard time choosing which images to use for their ad. Check out the next photo, I got Kendyl to do some “fire” photos, she thought we were going to scare her to death.

As always, we do everything quick and precise, I can tell you tonight Kendyl is at home safe, lol,

and for our final picture, we did something artsy…

I just don’t know what I will do when Kendyl leaves for college and I have no one to play with!!! Hope you all love the photos, Sally

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