Lakeside High School Senior Cheerleaders

Hey Everybody, I am still alive!!!! Why must I say that, I think this is the most I have ever photographed in one weekend. Wow, I have been unbelievably busy…and gone from one photo session and event to the next. It started Friday morning, I photographed the senior LHS cheerleaders at the school on the football field at 8:00 a.m.. These are my girls, I have been photographing this group since they were freshman and I love them all. It is sad to think they will not be here next year, so we just need to take lots of pictures this year so we can remember them after they head off to college, and I’m not going there yet, as they are just starting their senior year. So girls, I hope you love your photos…and enjoy deciding which you will use for the program, just let me know, and if you need help I have a few favorites I like, you can just ask me!!!

As for the rest of you, here is the order on events after the cheerleaders, I will be working non stop today to try and get them up so you can see them, they will be posted in order that they were photographed: LHS all senior roadtrip to Queensboro bank, Tudors Cleaners, Sonic, Hardwood Floors and More, Re-Max and Wife Savers. Then we photographed Emily Borden at the studio and after Emily,  Hope Rock, then gallery for Hephzibah High School 20 year class reunion held at “Be My Guest”, then gallery for Johnny Leonard Senior Pictures, then gallery for Erica Stokes-“Johnny’s 80th Birthday party” at Champions Retreat….it’s going to be a very long day, please be patient as photos all must be processed from raw to jpg, and converted so I can put them on my site. It was a fabulous weekend, and I thank you all for hiring my company Sally Kolar Photography to photograph “YOUR EVENTS” Sally K.

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