Kristie’s Family Portraits

Hey Everybody, we continued our traveling with a trip to Hilton Head. Matt and I left yesterday and spend the night with Kristie at her vacation condo. We got up at 5:00 am, and were outside just in time for dawn. The pictures are fabulous and I was thrilled to photograph Kristie’s family. It is such a joy to see this hardworking girl, who always has it together at Sage Valley actually rest and take some family time. I was thrilled to be included in her plans. Last night we all watched Arthur together and then headed to bed so we could do an early shoot. Afterwards, we were treated to Starbucks, and then Mike and Kristie cooked a huge breakfast for us with pancakes included! We had a great trip and I even stopped at Ralph Lauren on the way off the island for Matt to get a new shirt!!! It was a great day, and I am happy to be home today, and will spend the next few days finishing up the Lakeside High School football program, it is one very busy week.

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