Marshall YMCA

Hey Everybody, it has been one busy busy week. We have just finished photographing the Wilson YMCA (Wheeler Road) and we are headed into another “Y” weekend photographing the Marshall YMCA. We started a little early tonight with the Grovetown Fury team, we always love going to Grovetown, and visiting with everybody, we are so excited that a new YMCA will soon be in Grovetown and look forward to that being built!!! Saturday is our Marshall Day, we will be on the fields at Oakee Grove all day doing photographs. We will have lots of photographers and again our Lakeside kids from HOSA will be helping us out, thanks so much to Ms. Gosney¬† for making this possible. And if you are looking for Wheeler Road pictures look in the Wheeler Road YMCA galleries and if it is Marshall look in the Marshall YMCA-which Grovetown is a part of, and if you get totally confused, call me and I will help you find your photos!!! See you all Saturday. Sally

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