Hey Everybody, I hope you will all stop when you hit the new entrance to Jones Creek Golf Club at Hammonds Ferry and Jones Creek Boulevard. You will then truly be able to admire our new sign. It is beautiful. We are thrilled to be part of the new signage to grace the entrance of the club. I will say this over and over, we are thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath as Vaughn Taylor, Electrolux, EZ Go Golf Carts, AIGA (American Junior Golf Association) and all of the other wonderful sponsors of this event. MCG Health, Jim Hudson Lexus, Papa Johns, Hilton Garden Inn, Coca Cola and Take our Money.com. Thank you especially to Jim, Ray and Greg who always treat us like family and spread the word about how great our company is. We could not have grown as we have without your unparallelled support!!! We love Jones Creek!!! Sally K.

Sally Kolar Photography

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