Maggie Arfman

Hey Everybody, it was an awesome day and I worked hard all day! Today, I photographed Maggie Arfman, she is in the tenth grade at Lakeside High School in Evans. She has just signed up to work with Evolution Talent Agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been traveling there the past month taking acting classes. She is really enjoying it and looking forward to booking some commercials or tv shows. We are very excited to help her on her journey. Besides acting, Maggie is on the swim team, yearbook staff, student council, Spanish Honor Society and a member of her youth group at church. She is one busy young lady. She is 5 feet 7 inches, and we believe she has a promising career in front of her. She photographed amazing.

After we got done with the session, I headed to my car to go home, it had rained in North Augusta and my new car was filled with rain drop puddles. I don’t know why I get so fascinated with things…especially photography but sometimes it just eats away my time!!!….and I ended up spending the next 20 minutes photographing the rain drops on my car. So if you look closely at Maggie’s collage, you will see today’s raindrops!! And now you know the whole story….that every piece of artwork out of Sally Kolar Photography is hand made and special in it’s own little way. It is why, I love the freedom that comes with having my own company and being able to design in my own style. Next time you want something truly original, remember me. Always running behind a little, but always original.  As always, Sally

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