Happy Halloween from Sally Kolar

Hey Everybody, I’ve been thinking for days it would be fun to do free photos for Halloween. So today, when I popped my head out the door, and the weather felt perfect, I ran and set up my white lightnings, and my backdrops with hay and pumpkins and camera in hand for a night of fun. When trick or treaters came to my door this year, it was would you like candy or would you like a picture? Almost everyone took me up on the picture. It was awesome fun! One of our neighbors had a huge party and we took a group picture of all of them. Here is everybody in the large group photo:

Melanie Bailey, Morgan Cooke, Brianna Waters, Tommy Jackson, Clark Jackson, Sarah Boland, Allison Goodwin, Rainey Bailey, Bennett Lemmon, Doug Bailey, Jack Bailey, Dave Waters, Belinda Waters, Mike Paul, Mary Jane Paul, John John Paul and Ginger Goodwin.

We actually got invited to the party after trick or treating ended and got to taste Southern White Chili for the first time. It was an awesome evening and all of the kids were so cute!!! It was one of the best Halloweens ever! Sally

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