Taylor Paul Senior Pictures


Hey Everybody…It was a busy weekend. We had James and Anita’s wedding Saturday and then Sunday afternoon I spent in the studio and out on location with Taylor Paul. Taylor is a senior over at Strom Thurmond High School. She is a beautiful girl. She is involved in pageants and drama club. They are putting on “Footloose” this year, and she has been selected to play the lead role of Arial. I looked up the major characters in Footloose. Their common trait is that they are all survivors and this is the character description for Arial who is so “dramatically” different than Taylor:  ARIEL MOORE – Shaw and Vi’s daughter. Ariel is smart. She understands the rules of the different worlds she moves between and, in each situation, she plays her part brilliantly. When she’s in her father’s presence, for instance, she is buttoned-up and demure; with Chuck, she burns off all her unexpressed, explosive energy with raucous, thrill-seeking behavior. Ariel loves to laugh – with Chuck,here girlfriends and, eventually, with Ren. However her spirits are, quite often, her attempt to keep a lid on the grief she feels about her brother’s death and the loss of her once loving relationship with her father.

Anyway, after spending the afternoon with Taylor and her mother, I can tell you that this role will be challenging and exciting for Taylor. I think I am going to head up to Strom Thurmond myself this year and watch the performance, it is going to be spectacular. And as for Taylor, it was wonderful to do your senior pictures. I hope you love them all!!!! Sally


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