Sweet!!! Erin is Sixteen!!!!

Hey Everybody, today, I photographed Erin Proctor’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party. It was amazing!!! Erin had so much fun, and all of her friends came and it was truly wonderful. Erin woke up with the gift of a brand new car on her sixteenth birthday, lucky girl, and then a day full of fun with all of her friends photographed by a Professional Photographer- (that would be me). Her mom, made the most beautiful slide show, there were so many pictures of Erin and Ben when they were little, I just loved the entire slide show. Erin’s favorite gift was a book two of her friends made for her with pictures from their childhood and high school. It was a very special day for Erin, and we all….especially all of us Lakeside fans…wish her the Happiest Birthday in the Whole World!!!!

I love this picture of Erin on top of her new car, she looks fabulous!!!!

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