Verizon Wireless

Hey Everybody….I was hired by Verizon Wireless to cover a corporate event they held yesterday at the Doubletree in Augusta. They had team members  present from all over the state.  The executives on the stage are: Jim Davis-Director of Operations, Jonathan LeCompte-Region President, Sean Nickerson-Director of Marketing, and Steve Leonard-Director of Data Sales. To hear them speak about Verizon was amazing. The day began with a trade show. I learned that the newest and coolest phone on the market is the HTC ReZound. I also learned that if I didn’t have a Smart phone, I should head to Verizon and get one right away! They gave out awards to many members of their staff and made a lot of people happy. Receiving awards were: Jim Hargreaves, Andrea Griffin, Staci Arnold (accepting for Pooler Retail), Amy Little, and Melissa Lanier. The whole meeting was exciting and fun. I wished I was part of the Verizon team!

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