Mailing Fees Increased

Hey Everybody, imagine my surprise this morning… I logged online to go to my lab and ordered prints. At checkout, I was STUNNED to learn they had increased their shipping fees. To my knowledge, mail prices had not gone up in the last 24 hours (that I had heard of) and it wasn’t a small jump, it was a HUGE jump.  I stepped back for a second and thought… ok, they have to pay employees to pack the order and label it, but….this much of a jump? This was disturbing to me, as my lab did not even tell me they were raising prices. What does this mean in the short term? Unfortunately,  I have little choice for now but to raise my shipping cost to cover this new cost. In the long term, there are other labs, and I will be searching for a new lab that we can use so we continue to bring you the same high quality in printing,  but keep our cost as affordable as possible for all of my loyal customers.  Sincerely, Sally

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