Miss Augusta

Hey Everybody, here is the final picture from the Miss Augusta Pageant. It has photos of last year’s winners-Rachel Surl, Sydney Hillman, Karon Pennington, and Samantha Osteen. Here is the list of winners from this year’s pageant. Miss Augusta

Winner –  Victoria Stewart

1st – Haley Chadwick

2nd – Molly Sullivan

Miss Savannah River

Winner – Reddi Hawkins

1st – Rachel Smith

2nd – Raven Hall

Miss Augusta Outstanding Teen

Winner – Ashleigh Proctor

1st – Caroline Eaker

Miss Savannah Outstanding Teen

Winner – Kayla Kirkland

1st – Caroline Carroll

A great big thank you to Miss Lynn Huff who ran the entire pageant and did a fabulous job!!!! Lynn is over the top AWESOME!!!!! Thank you to the sponsors, Brittany and Charlene from Brittany’s House of Elegance, David, Valerie and Elizabeth Towles from the Edge Hair Salon and Edge Formal Shoppe, Lady Bug Flowers, EDTS, Phoenix Printing, Coca Cola, and Sally Kolar Photography!

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