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Mark and Quyen

Hey Everybody, I did a fun photo shoot today with Mark and Quyen. They are stationed out at Fort Gordon and wanted photos. We had a blast doing photos. They are so cute together! Hope you all love the blog I made for them. I think it is so cute! Sally

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Miss Photogenic Tori Perano

Hey Everybody, I just got this e-mail from Tori Perano, it is the kind of e-mail I love to receive: “Hey Miss Sally, I won Miss Teen Peach Blossom tonight! I also won for Best Dress and Miss Photogenic! Thanks for those amazing pictures again! Just wanted to let you know how it went!”

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Wilson YMCA Soccer Day Two!

Hey Everybody….We are back at the Wheeler Road Wilson YMCA for day two of soccer. The crew is more organized today and we changed the fencing up a little so it didn’t create a bottle neck. It was smooth sailing all day long. I even wore my tye dye t-shirt that JD gave me. I […]

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Hey Everybody….We were in the studio late Sunday, where we did back to back photo sessions. Our last session of the day was Alexis. She is a dancer at Kane and Company and needed new competition dance photogenic pictures. Alexis is beautiful. She is a 9th grader at Midland Valley High School. She is also on […]

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Kendyl’s Senior Pictures

Hey Everybody, I was at the studio Sunday with Kendyl Pennington. We did her senior pictures. It is hard to believe Kendyl is a senior, and her year is flying by so fast. Kendyl just won the Miss LHS pageant just a few weeks ago, and she is a true beauty queen. I already know […]

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Wilson YMCA on Wheeler Road Spring Soccer Pictures

Hey Everybody….We were out at the Wilson YMCA on Wheeler Road today for spring soccer pictures, We finally had the weather under control with no rain, and as usual had a blast with the kids. We are fencing in our photography area to help manage the photos and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation respecting our policy […]

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Check it out!!!

I have been working on a project photographing all of Augusta. My friend, Michelle Pearman knows about my project. Michelle had connections that helped my work to be used for all of the city bus billboards to advertise the city of Augusta. Thanks Michelle, I feel so famous!!!  Can’t wait till I actually get to […]

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Hey Everybody… I photographed Carter yesterday. I photographed his mom and dad’s (Carrie and Josh) wedding three and a half years ago. It is so nice to see them so happy with their beautiful baby. We had an awesome photo session and had fun catching up on everything new in their life. They are truly blessed. And […]

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ADP Group Photo

Hey Everybody, here is one of our group photos from ADP Augusta. We had them plan a fire drill so we could get everyone outside for the photo. By all calculations, we had over 800 employees in our photo. Thank you to Brock Daniels for planning this so well. We had everyone out of the […]

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Mary Margaret is One!!!

Hey Everybody…We were out photographing a private event 1st year Birthday Party for Mary Margaret Stiff Wednesday night. She just turned one on March 21st, 2012! Her mom is Meredith Stiff who had Mary Margaret at age 46! Her Dad is proud papa, his name is Jim Stiff. They are great friends with the Fews. […]

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