Hey Everybody, we photographed Emmakate today. She is heading out for another pageant and had to get new photos with her crown and sash. Indee came along and helped with makeup and hair. As always, we had a wonderful photo shoot. Edge let us… borrow some assecories, thank Lizabeth. You all may know I have been dieting, and Indee walked around the studio today with a lollipop in her mouth.She kept on saying how good it was, and how she always grew up with a lollipop in her mouth… well Indee, so did I, and I wanted a lollipop so bad!!!! lol, It’s only March, and I am already waivering on my New Years Resolution.
Hmm… this is not good!!!! What can I say, I am a “sucker” for punishment. Next time you come for a shoot, here’s a clue…BRING me a LOLLIPOP. lol…I know it’s late, but did you all ever sing that song…L.O.double  L I, P. O. P. spells lollipop, it’s the lick upon the stick guaranteed to make you sick, but it’s lollipop for me! Indee, Emma’s photos are up online, I hope you love them! Sally
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