Georgia Nurse Association CSRA Chapter-Nurse of the Year

Hey Everybody…. We’re out at Georgia Health Services Hospital again today for another awesome photo shoot. Angeline “Missy” Pratt was just selected  as the Georgia Nurses Association CSRA Chapter – Nurse of the Year.  Missy is from Florida and has been a nurse since 1965. Missy told me that she has been nominated before, but has never won this honor… until now. She almost didn’t go to the banquet, but at the last minute, she decided to go. As she listened to all of the qualities of the winner, she thought to herself… “Wow, this person sounds amazing. I should get to know her!” What a surprise, when Missy found out the person they were talking about was her! She was stunned, and so honored to be chosen. She was chosen from a group of over fifty nurses. Missy is a genuine, caring, kind, and sweet individual. I loved hearing her talk about her life as a nurse and how honored she felt to be chosen. Congratulations Missy! I think the hospital picked an amazing woman to be the Georgia Nurse Association CSRA Chapter-Nurse of the Year!

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