Georgia Health Sciences Pediatric Helicopter

Hey Everybody…. We were out at the Georgia Health Science Hospital in downtown Augusta Thursday morning for a cool photo session. We were hired to take new photos of the pediatric helicopter and the team who works up on the heliport. While chatting with the team, I learned that on an average 12 children per minute are injured in the United States with unintentional injuries. Most of these children will require a trip to an emergency room or need a flight to to a pediatric tertiary care center like Georgia Health Sciences.  The key to survival after serious injuries, or with severe critical illnesses, is to transport these children with a pediatric transport team to the best facility available. Although I only talked with this incredible team for a few minutes, I could sense their kindness and the genuine concern they have for the patients they serve. They are so  knowledgeable about their job and make caring for children their top priority. I am so proud of this team and the work they do to help children in our community!



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