Jim and Lauren’s Rehearsal Dinner

Hey Everybody….We did a fabulous wedding recently in Atlanta. As always, we arrived early and were in town to attend the rehearsal. It was a spectacular wedding weekend for Lauren and Jim.  After the rehearsal in downtown Atlanta, we were invited to their big rehearsal dinner at a restaurant called Two Urban Licks. It was fabulous!! The decor was amazing, and I wish Paul Pearman could have been with me, because he would have loved it! The food was fabulous! After dinner, their family and friends all stood up to speak about the couple, and we all had an awesome time. I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone heading to Atlanta. It was amazing!!! Afterwards, we headed back to the “W” Hotel, which was the home of the wedding guests. We loved the hotel.  It was awesome!!! What a great evening!  Here’s a link to the Two Urban Licks website so you can check it out for yourself: http://www.twourbanlicks.com/index-home.htm
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