LHS Senior Cheerleaders Carson, Madison, Nikki and Arden

Hey Everybody, I am loved!!!! By my loyal Lakeside High School Senior Cheerleaders, who I just adore. This years team, which I have photographed since they were freshman include, Carson Ginn, Madison Cochran, Nikki Koellner and Arden Mobley. Every year we plan and do something amazingly fun and different and this year was no exception. We are not sharing pictures till the program gets published, but I can tell you it is FABULOUS. Seriously AMAZING. These girls are so beautiful and we had fun on our shoot.

On another note, I will not be designing the football program this year. The program is a lot of work and it is almost a relief because I have so much other  work to do.  I have been photographing non stop this year- I was the only photographer in the CSRA to photograph George W. Bush,  Lynn Schwann and even had a two page spread in the December Prom issue of Seventeen Magazine.  I am very busy. But remember, I love LHS Supporters, and I am more than happy to take time out of my busy schedule to create a one of a kind ad for you!!!  So when choosing a photographer, which is still your choice to do,  remember this,  I am one of only three Certified PPA Professional Photographers in the CSRA area. For more information about PPA Certification you can check out the PPA website-www.ppa.com. I am proud to be  Certified and believe it makes a difference!  So feel free to call me (706-513-7290) or e-mail me sakolar@yahoo.com to set up an appointment for your custom one of a kind designed ad.

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