Matt and Amanda are Married!!!

Hey Everybody, I photographed Matt Walden and Amanda Champlin’s wedding. And well, this is a fairy tale that started many years before. You see, Matt’s Grandmother, Grandma Walden was in the mall one day. She passed Amanda and her mom. She has always been a match maker and she stopped them, and said, I have a grandson, I want you to meet. Amanda and Matt have been together ever since. They were high school sweethearts. There love story is truly remarkable. So it was a real blessing to watch them have their fairy tale wedding complete with a wedding cake with a princess and a prince on it!  It was held at Savannah Rapids. It was just beautiful. Amanda wore a dress from Elegant Bridals it was so beautiful. Her flowers were white roses, with peach and green in them. They were just beautiful. Michael Siewert from Signature Homes was the wedding co-ordinator and he and his team did an amazing job decorating Savannah Rapids. During the ceremony, they had music and it was just so pretty.  It was an amazing day, and love was in the air all day. One of the most special things about this day was how everyone was so excited for them! At the end of the wedding their was a little private family party! No one wanted to leave. Everyone stayed dancing, and holding candles and singing. Matt and Amanda changed back into their regular clothes, and Matt took Amanda up on the dance floor picked her up. Now, if you don’t all know Matt he is like this big giant teddy bear, and Amanda is like a little tiny girl.  She wrapped her legs around him as they ended the night dancing romantic song after romantic song. It was extremely sweet because they are best friends-and now lifetime partners forever, Amanda had her feet off the ground all night as Matt carried her, the two have truly become one. What a remarkable beautiful wedding.  ~Sally

And the band played….why don’t you stay…..just a little bit longer…..



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