Meagan and Ryan Hamilton

Hey Everybody, what a crazy day. I headed to Grovetown to photograph the Hamilton family. I got to Euchee Creek and unloaded my gear out of my car. Then said hello to my family. As I started to chat with them, I did not realize their was a …big curb in front of me, and down I went camera and all. As you all know, I have a brand new 28-300 Very Expensive New Lens. Needless to say, it was save the camera or save Sally. And today, was save the camera day. So, as I type this I am thankful to still be able to type. I damaged my hand-yes my shooting hand, pretty bad and my knee is banged pretty hard. I feel like I got hit by a MACK truck. Good news of the day, I can still photograph hurt, when you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you learn to roll with the punches. Today poor me, got Socked! I kept laughing at my assistant, she said, Sally are you ok? And all I could think of and still am saying, is NO I am not, no I am not ok. But the camera is! By the way, Meagan and Ryan were awesome to work with. Ryan is going to be a senior at Grovetown, and Meagan attends Columbia Middle School. Their mom, Pam, is Stacy Gore’s sister-I photographed Hope and Doland about a year ago. Thank goodness this is one really nice family or they would have really thought I was a big klutz!!!!
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