Hot Yoga Augusta

Hey Everybody, we had a busy day today. In the afternoon, we were hired to photograph Hot Yoga Augusta located at Crossfit 4 Everyone. Crossfit for Everyone is located at 400 Riverwatch Parkway. There phone number is 706-619-6482. Today we photographed Bridget Hall and Michael Huber. Both are yoga teachers who have taken the Bikram Yoga Program . There website is They were both amazing. Hot Yoga has classes on Sundays, Tuesdays/Thursdays, Wednesday, and Saturdays. The benefits of doing yoga are it burns body fat and boosts your metabolism. It also increases flexibility, strength, and endurance. It reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Regular yoga exercise detoxes the body, and helps increase your energy level. Yoga helps improve your balance, and helps prevents and reduce many chronic conditions like back pain, knee pain and arthritis. Yoga can help you improve your posture, and strengthen your immune system. It also helps you improve your circulation and cardiovascular condition. Seems like I myself need to take a class. Bridget was amazing with some of the moves she did, I just loved it!!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!!! And if you decide you want to take a class, give them a call!!!
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