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YMCA Flag Football-Marshall and Wilson 2012

Hey Everybody….We photographed the Marshall and the Wilson YMCA Flag Football teams this past Saturday. We were busy all day long. The fields were packed, and the kids had fun with the a “Trunk or Treat” in the parking lot!  We had an awesome day! To view your photos, go to the header and double click “online store,” and […]

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Maggie Continued….

This photo shoot was so inspiring. Got an idea for a conceptual shoot? Call us, we will make it happen!

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Paul Pearman Belt Buckles

Hey Everybody, we photographed about six of Paul Pearman’s Mosaic belt buckles yesterday. Maggie Howard was our model. As always photos of Maggie our stunning. On hand to help us, fabulous Michelle Pearman. Paul also has some new butterfly neck chokers (necklaces) they are beautiful. After our photo shoot, Michelle treated us to breakfast. I […]

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Harvest Goddess Maggie Howard

Hey Everybody, we teamed up with Eva Creel of Eva Creel Photography to do a conceptual shoot. We asked Maggie Howard to be our model. She was fabulous, she brought with her, her mom Mary Margaret Howard. Mary helped us haul all of our props and held lights for us. Also on hand to help […]

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The Pham Family

Hey Everybody, we photographed the Pham Family yesterday at the studio. They have such a nice family. After we finished in the studio, we headed into N. Augusta and did some photos of their family by the ponds. The outdoor photos are amazing also. It was an amazing photo shoot. It has been a long […]

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Lance and Deina are Married

Hey Everybody, we did a wedding last Sunday, it was Deina and Lance. They were married in Evans at Michael Siewerts home. The wedding was lovely and we are going to be posting photos soon. Hope you will check them out, and love all of them! Sally

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Holland Manness

Hey Everybody, I photographed Holland Manness and her staff this past Monday. We started out at Holland’s dental practice, then we headed over to do outdoor pictures at River Island where Holland lives. We had a fabulous photo shoot, all of her girls look amazing. For all of you who do not know her, Dr. […]

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The Sheppard Family

Hey Everybody, I photographed Shane and Michelle Sheppard this weekend. They are totally awesome. They are one of our Wilson YMCA parents and booked me for a photo shoot, they are ahead of the game with Christmas photos, and they just rocked out their session. Their children are adorable!!! Also, going back in time a […]

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Tori Perano

Hey Everybody, I photographed Tori Perano on Sunday. I was thrilled to do Tori’s senior pictures! I have photographed her for many years now, she is one of my beautiful pageant girls. She is a senior at Strom Thurmond and on the cheerleading squad. She recently was in the Miss Augusta pageant and did amazing, […]

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Gregory’s BarMitzvah

Hey Everybody I photographed Gregory Salisbury Bar Mitzvah this past Saturday at the Congregation Children of Israel Temple on Walton Way. It was a beautiful ceremony done by Rabbi Klensin. Gregory was filled with joy as the Bar Mitzvah proceeded, it was a very special day for Gregory and his family. I have always heard […]

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