Gregory’s BarMitzvah

Hey Everybody I photographed Gregory Salisbury Bar Mitzvah this past Saturday at the Congregation Children of Israel Temple on Walton Way. It was a beautiful ceremony done by Rabbi Klensin. Gregory was filled with joy as the Bar Mitzvah proceeded, it was a very special day for Gregory and his family.

  • I have always heard of young men who have had a Bar Mitzvah, but have never photographed one. So I learned a lot about it. In the Jewish temple when a boy comes of age at 13-years-old he has become a “bar mitzvah” and is recognized by Jewish tradition as having the same rights as a full grown man. A boy who has become a Bar Mitzvah is now morally and ethically responsible for his decisions and actions. That is why during his ceremony he often made comments about what he had studied and how he felt about things. His scripture he recited from was Cane and Able and he talked about being his brothers keeper and how it is interpreted in the bible, but how he personally took great pride in being his brothers keeper. I thought it was beautiful. After the ceremony, their was a celebratory party that was held with a full lunch, with bagels from Einsteins with lox and creme cheese. It was wonderful.Present were his mom, Susan Salisbury, Askiel Bruno and his brothers, Ben and Michael. Plus many friends who travelled in to be with Gregory. It was a very special day.

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