Allison Herron

Hey Everybody….The  next contestant we photographed for the Fox Creek High School pageant is Allison Herron. Allison brought her mom Shannon along for the photo shoot, and she was an awesome help. Allison is a member of the Band and plays the trumpet. She is also a member of the National Honor Society and Beta Club. She participates in the Art Club and loves to draw animals with pencils. Her family is very active in Civil War Re-enactments, and Allison photographs the event. She thinks the pageant is going to be a lot of fun. Everyone in the pageant is her friend in one way or another and she thinks it will help all the girls get to know each other better and become even better friends. We think that is such a wonderful reason to participate in the pageant!  Allison did a great job on her photo shoot, and here’s a little known secret….her hair was done by none other than yours truly!  (You didn’t know I had skills as a hairdresser now, did you?) We wish you good luck Allison!

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