Auburn Smith

Hey Everybody….Just when we thought we had seen the prettiest girls from Fox Creek High School walk through the doors of the studio, in walks the beautiful Auburn Smith.  Auburn is a varsity cheerleader forfootball and basketball. She is also a registered varsity soccer player. She transferred schools,  but still plays on her new team (hence the registered title). Auburn has previously won the Miss Jackson South Carolina Pageant 2012 and the Glass Slipper State Teen Pageant 2012. She has a beautiful voice, which she uses for the talent portion of her pageants. She loves to whistle and to sing Amazing Grace. Her personality and charm have taken her far in her pageants. Her mother was a former Miss Augusta. I told Auburn she reminded me of Miss Lynn Huff, who runs the Miss Augusta pageant. Auburn is a stunning young lady. Her boyfriend, Christian Walton came along for the photo shoot. When I asked Auburn which clubs she was in, she commented that she’s definitely not in the future farmers club. We agree…a farmer? No, not likely, but future Miss America?  Hmmm…maybe!
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