Holly Timblin

Hey Everybody…Our next contestant is Holly Timblen. Holly is a hunter. Yes, you heard me correct…she loves to go deer hunting! She is a true Georgia girl! She loves to deerhunt and fish. She can’t wait for the season to start, and this year she got a 7.0 buck with antlers.  It was the most unusual game she has ever hunted. She was so excited just telling me all about it. She got involved in hunting because hunting is a favorite pastime of her dad. She loves spending time with her dad and building memories with him.  Holly is a member of National Honor Society and Beta Club. At her previous school, she was a member of the archery team. She recently applied for a job and is starting her orientation soon with Arby’s, which she is excited about. She thought doing the pageant her senior year would be a great idea, and she likes the idea of dressing up. She plans to go to college at USCA and major in biology. Good luck Holly… you are awesome!

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