Jordan Hysell

Hey Everybody… Our next contestant is Jordan Hysell. Jordan is a senior at Fox Creek High School. She serves on the Senior Advisory Committee, and is a member of FFE, which I came to find out stands for Future Farmers of Edgefield. The FFE  runs community service programs that include cleaning up neighborhoods and area highways. In her spare time, she loves to watch t.v. One of  her favorite shows is “Say Yes to the Dress.”  Who doesn’t love to watch girls search for their dream dress? Jordan wants to be in the pageant so she can build her confidence, poise and posture. She believes the skills she will learn competing in a pageant will help her throughout  her life. Jordan brought along her coach Anna Rodriquez from Houston. Good Luck Jordan!  Your headshots are amazing (our favorite one is #864!) and we love that you said “Yes” to your beautiful dress!
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