Casting Call

Hey Everybody…We recently got a call from a tv producer. They are looking to do casting for three television shows…a cheerleading group composed of girls, (they’d prefer sophomores with busy active lives), the second is for cheer moms which will highlight their lives with their children, and the third is for  moms and girls with very active lives who stay incredibly busy. They refer to these moms as “Tiger moms,” which was a new term to me.  You need to produce a small video and  get it to me by Wednesday and I will submit it. We have confirmed that this is a valid request, since we have actually worked with this production company before. This is the REAL deal, so submit your videos to Sally or David Towles by Wednesday. Good luck everybody!!! I’m hoping to hear from some of you…(Karson Pennington,Emma Kate Few, Sydney Hillman, Caroline Eaker, Peyton Duke, Taylor Penny….You all know who you are…Seize this opportunity!)

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