Jenn, Kyla and Sean’s Rehearsal

Hey Everybody…We have a wedding tomorrow, which means I just came from the rehearsal! Jenn Guise is marrying Sean Rahner. I have figured out the location of Jenn’s house, the church, and the reception, so we are all set to go! Aiken was beautiful today, so I’m sure it will be amazing tomorrow as well!  The wedding is being held at  Cedarcreek, which is one of my favorite churches. It is the only church in town here that reminds me of my old church Christ the King in Bellingham. The pastor said he even knew who Grant was, so I am loving this church! On hand to help in a BIG way with all the rehearsal plans was Sean’s daughter Kyla. She tells me her best friend Pablo is coming with a camera….we are all looking forward to the big day!!

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