Lakeside High School Baseball Senior Night 2013

Hey Everybody…Tonight we shot at the Lakeside High School Baseball Senior Night. We went to Lakeside and photographed all of the different details of every All-American high school baseball game. However, this night was special, as the senior boys on the baseball team are graduating. Those boys have been a team for quite sometime now. In honor of the senior players, there was a ceremony honoring their time on the team before the game. The players recognized were Tanner Brassel, McTier Mosley, Tanner Durand, Stephen Hutto, Jared Zumbro, Tyler Williams, Hunter Hubbard, and Lane Wallace. After a few words about their time at Lakeside, their futures elsewhere, a handshake from each of their coaches, and a quick picture with their parents, the boys were ready to play some ball! However, before they could say the pledge and get some warm ups in, they had to get a quick picture with the head Diamond Girls (Chaney Schumacher, Winslow Whitehurst and Jenna Thorn) who were also recognized with them on senior night. The Diamond Girls make goodie bags and support the baseball teams at Lakeside High School. The boys played a great game and embraced the last bit of time left that they had to be a team. Look out world, the Class of 2013 seems to have some great potential as far as I can tell!

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