YMCA spring soccer photos


Hey Everybody…This morning was an early day for us! We were up and on the soccer fields at the Wilson Family Y setting up getting ready for soccer photos. There were tents to be assembled, tables to be set up, and tarps to be hung. However,  none of those things could have prepared us, (or sheltered us) from the nasty weather this morning. It was pretty chilly at the start of the morning, but unfortunately, as time went on, it just continued to get colder. And then, (you guessed it!) came the rain. The kids were all dressed up in their cute matching uniforms, shin guards, and cleats, and they were getting drenched in bone chilling cold rain! It got a bit crazy, as to be expected with 100 kids and parents trying to play soccer, order and take pictures in the rain. Needless to say, this situation wasn’t working very well for anyone. So we have rescheduled all of our Wilson YMCA soccer pictures for May, 4th. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for our next shoot! After all the commotion died down, we packed up our gear and headed home to thaw out. As we cleaned ourselves up, wiped our runny noses, and drank some hot tea, we realized how much fun we had in the rain that morning and how great the kids held up considering the circumstances! Hope to see you all on the field for retake day!

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