The Martin Family


Hey Everybody…we did a photo session for Rodney Martin and his family today. Rodney is attending dental school at the Medical College of Georgia. His family came in from Southhaven, Mississippi to attend the White Coat ceremony. In addition to working towards his dental degree, Rodney also has an interest in photography. In fact, he just won an Honorable Mention award from the Kroc center for his photo of the Augusta Canal, so you can only imagine how proud his family is of him! On hand for the photo shoot was his father David, mother Chong, his sister Rachael and her little girl Addison and Rodney’s girlfriend, Katie. Although the family was celebrating Rodney’s accomplishments, it was difficult to ignore little Addison, who just wanted to play with the “Silly Bee” that daddy gave her. We were able to catch some adorable moments with the camera when we waved her “Silly Bee” in front of her, or simply let her play with it! We couldn’t “BEE” happier with the outcome of this photo shoot!





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