Ryan and Chelsea are Engaged!


Hey Everybody, Ryan and Chelsea are engaged! They have been dating for about seven years. Ryan spotted Chelsea many years ago at Greenbrier High School in the cafeteria. She was sitting about six rows down from him, and he looked over and he knew…Yes, he knew, the first time he saw her, she was the one! A few months went by and they started passing notes and Ryan did a little serenading, and the rest is history. They have spent time together out at Trade Winds on Jet ski’s, college, and being together in Texas. Chelsea graduated from Augusta State,. Ryan attended  UGA  majoring in computer sciences. When I asked Chelsea what the best thing she was looking forward to with a life with Ryan, she said, having breakfast with him when she is 92!….and then she changed it to 102! Because the way these love birds see it, they are going to be together a very, very long time!

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