The Allman Family



Hey Everybody, we photographed Tony and Debbie Allman’s family last week at Lake Lanier. The family gets together every two years for a family reunion. On hand for the 2013 reunion were Tony, Debbie, Dave, Jane, Troy, Rachel, Sean, Erika, Krisi, Ed, Tony, Stacy, Mary, Joey, Jo, Will, Jessica, TJ, Adriana, Cassie, Renee, Andrea, Samantha, Audrey, Max, Ellen, Brayden, Caden, Carmen and Lyla. On the night that we were there for the photo shoot, it was ladies night. The men cooked dinner, served us, and waited on us and hand and foot. I loved it! At the end of our shoot the family jumped in the pool!

t1bloghats a rap

And that’s a wrap!



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