A Note from Sally

What makes my portraits unique?
The minute you see them, you will LOVE them. You might not know why so here’s the scoop. You will have catch lights in your eyes, Your color balance will be correct on all your photos, this means the whites are white in your photo-the blacks are black, the sky is blue and the trees are green. What you see visually with your eyes is what you see in your photos. Take a good look around the world of so called “professional photography today”, And you will see white skies not blue, hazy photos, out of focus images, poor color balance where whites look gray. Subjects posed improperly and clients who look heavy because the photographer did not know what lens to choose, or how to angle the subjects so they looked thinner. I am proud that I have studied and learned lighting, composition and posing. I am also very PROUD to bring studio powered lights outside to fill in the shadows and produce professional photos not snapshots. I am a PPA Certified Master Photographer! (And darn proud of it.)

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