Lucas and Noah

anoah and lucas

Hey Everybody, we photographed Lucas and Noah at the studio today. So, here is how this happened. Grandma Emily wanted a photographer that could do classic portraiture with the boys, in a studio setting. Mom, Dessa wanted contemporary outdoor shots of her boys nice and natural.  So they surfed online and found my name and called me, they knew I could do both! We had an wonderful session indoors, we photographed against backgrounds and then also my Christmas set up.



The boys really liked my studio. When they were done, we gave them each a balloon and they got to go to the refrigerator and pull out a “pop” Noah was like what is a soda pop mom? It was so cute. He reached in with delight and pulled out an orange crush! I keep those in my refrigerator as they always remind myself of my sister who drank them non stop when we were growing up. Maybe I should add some sugar daddy’s in there also…just kidding, but I’m not kidding, that kids know a good thing, and love, love, my studio! What a fun day!


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