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Hey Everybody, it has been super busy around here, we have been doing headshots! WE just finished up two big jobs! First we did the Urology Department for Georgia Regents Hospital and this past Wednesday we photographed over 120 headshots for Meybolm Realtors. Add YMCA Basketball to that mix, and you have one very busy January. We are headed out the door to film a commercial for Meybohm tomorrow, and I am just hoping it heats up a little as we will be in Aiken photographing outdoors! Hope you all love all of our GRU doctors, we think they all look amazing!

These are the doctors and staff we photographed:

Arthur Smith, Bruce Singleton, Casey McCraw, Cormac O’Neil, Derrick Johnston, Donald Mode (Bonnie’s Dad! We did her wedding), Dr. Bruce, Joe Fox, Kim Maddox, Dr. Klassen, Bobby Lynn Lee, Martha Terris, Quiang Li, Rabii Madi, Robin Veal, Roger Chen, Ronald Lewis, Shenell Wilson and Sherita King

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