Fox Television Super Bowl Commercial




Hey Everybody, check out the Super Bowl Commercial we helped work on with Justin Wheelon and Reflecting Pool Productions-Mark Crump and Brett Smith and the folks from Fox. It was awesome. Our own Michael Steinberg came in from Charlotte to help with the commercial, he drove my car down the street, DID YOU SEE IT??? and then he was asked to be a walk on and played the role of a “photographer for Publisher’s Clearing House” such a stretch for Michael. We had so much fun and excitement doing this I waited with anticipation on viewing it during the Super Bowl. It was over the top Fabulous. Thank you Justin Wheelon for making me part of the team. Hair and make up was done by Victor DeLeon, and the actors were: Ozzie Hudson, and Chancey Johnson, Chancey…..he was a hoot!

Check it out, here is the link, let me know what you think!



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