Meybohm Annual Awards Banquet


Hey Everybody, Tonight we were hired to photograph Meybohm Realtors Annual Awards. It was really wonderful. It was held at the Legends Club in Augusta. They planned a red carpet event, and all the realtors got to walk the red carpet, and we photographed with true Paparazzi-we had ten of Augusta’s best photographers on hand to capture the event. Here are the awards starting with service:

0-4 years:

Forester Adams-Meybohm Scarborogh, Bobby Bagwell, Emily bowles, Aly Burffett, Tracy Chambers, Emily cox, Jennifer Curry, Linda Diebel, Denise Fulmer, Julie Griffin, Melissa Hall, Kim Harris, Bobby Hawes, Lelia Hebert, Pamela Hunter, Cindy Kirkland, Susan Methvin, Megan Moye, Riki Remsen, Marian Schneider, Kim Solki, Lucy Shuler, Amy Taylor, Jason Thomas, Sally Weathers, Kelly Wiedmeier, Bobby Williams, Denise Willis, Curtis Young.

5-9 years:

Donna Beard, Kim Bruce, Denise Carpenter, John Chambers, Pauline Chambers, Sheree Dryden, Caroline Durst, Sharon Gunter,Kelly Johnson, Diane Lopardo, Lisa McDaniel, Jane O’Dell, Kyle Perry, Jean Roberson, Peggy Robinson, Jon Schroder, Betty Surrency,

10-14 years:

Kathy Benjamin, Nancy Fuller, Judy Keaton, Keith Lawrence, Frank Mears, Grey Meybohm, Caroly Moore, Lionel Prather, Jenny Samuelson, Muriel Skelton, Rebecca Swartmiller

15-19 years:

Karen Abelhadi, RaNell Baggett, Eileen Byrne, Pat Hickson, Marcy Ivey, Mike Polatty, Lisa Tribodeua

20+ Years:

Dickey Boardman, Bill Boatman, Kay Rennison, Alicia Rhoades, Dolly Swilley

Leader Club Awards:

Aiken Downtown: Willie Hartnett, and Woody Malone,

Aiken Southside: Lyvia May, Emily Moore and Julie Whitesell

Columbia County:

Nancy Howle and Cindy Starnes

New Homes:

Treimell Jackson

North Augusta:

J. Scott Brantley, Mandie Hardie, Kathy Huskey, Susan Spears, Lauren Whitehead

South Augusta

Donna Barbour, Melvis Norman, Gwen Winston,


Rebecca Wall

West Augusta:

Lisa Ballis, Robert Dixon, Bill Force, Team Kenley, Kathryn Stone, Nancy Whitford

Aiken Southside:

Nancy Cerra, George Fansmith, Judy Johnson, Cheri McGee, Diane Miniard, Renee Pope, Susie Rutherford,

Columbia County:

Tara Hill and Jan Jackson

New Homes:

Barbara Dubois and Ann Parham

South Augusta:

Gayla Moore

West Augusta Sue Greene


Willie Hogan

Property Management:
Jeannine Leonard

Presidents Club:

Aiken Downtown:

Suzy Haslup, Gail McLain, Roby Reilly, David Stinson, Cissie Sullivan, Donna Taylor, Gaile Toole, Tracey Turner, Deirdre Vaillancourt

Aiken Southside:

Patrica Baxley, Cathy Brennan, Karen Bures, Kim Cooper, Vikki Crossland, Gail Gingrey, Lisa Paige, Gracie Waters, Jackie Williams,

Columbia County:

Vilma Colon-Oliver, Sandra Cullinan, Cindy Daniel, Judy Downie, Joyce Ducker, Beverly Hixon, Greg Honeymichael, Scott Martin, Matt McDowell, Greg Oldham, Pam Randall, Ruth Thomas

New Homes:

Amy Ducey, Brittnay Hopkins, Chris Huffman, Vernon Johnson, Andy Lucas, Teresa McArthur, Susan Olgetree, Beth Rainey, Kathy Rawles,

North Augusta:

Andy Adams, Betty Beard, Ginger Davis, Sallie Dubay, Steve Dubay, Amanda Israel, Donna Joyner, Linda Limehouse, Mary Pate, Martha Warrick

South Augusta,

Charissa Jones, Gerald Merriweather, Travis Nunnally


Scott Atkins, Ann Davis, Bobby Meybohm, Dean Newman, Lionel Prater, Mark Pritchett,

West Augusta:

Tonya Armstrong, Mary Bryans, Margaret Durst, Andy HIggins, Gardelle Lewis Jr., Ann Marie McManus, Venus Morris, Anita Mullenix, Terry Mullenix, Claire Stone, Lili Youngblood

Property Management:

Rebecca Chase, Pete Eisenmann, Teresa Stonehill

Outstanding Customer Service:

Aiken Downtown: Roby Reilly and Cissie Sullivan

Aiken Southside: Gail Gingrey

Columbia County Joyce Ducker,

North Augusta Linda Limehouse

South Augusta Melvis Norman

West Augusta: Lili Youngblood

Best of the Best:

Claire Stone, Venus Morris, Gardelle Lewis, Jr. , Greg Oldham, Ann Marie McManus, Andy Higgins, Kathy Rawls, Grey Honeymichael, Suzy Haslup, Donna Joyner, Vikki Crossland, Gail Gingrey, Betty Beard, Ruth Thomas, Karen Bures, Scott Madaus, Deirdre Vaillancourt, Susan Ogletree, David Stinson, Sallie Dubay, Anita Mullenix, Gracie Waters, Mary Pate, Judy Downie, Joyce Ducker,

Office Agent of the Year:

Aiken Downtown: Suzy Haslup

Aiken Southside: Vikki Crossland

Columbia County: Greg Oldham

North Augusta: Betty Beard

South Augusta: Travis Nunnally

West Augsuta: Claire Stone

Elite Awards by State:


Platinum Agent: Claire Stone

Gold Agent: Venus Morris

Silver Agent: Gardelle Lewis, Jr.

Bronze Agent: Greg Oldham


South Carolina:

Platinum Agent: Suzy Haslup

Gold Agent: Vikki Crossland

Silver Agent: Gail Gingrey

Bronze Agent: Betty Beard

Company Agent of the Year Awards:

Outgoing Referral Agent: Lily Youngblood

Agnet Generated Refrral Agent: Greg Oldham

Commercial Agent: Scott Atkins,

Residential Property Management -Pete Eisenmann

Residential Agent: Claire Stone

Big shout out to Brad Means who did a great job hosting the event. Congratulations to all the winners!

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