The Dish with Ana Rodriguez

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Hey Everybody, I had a blast today. Misty Fugate arranged for us to be in the audience for Ana’s show The Dish. It was fabulous that we got to photograph their engagement, and then be with them as Ana showed off her ring today on the show. I added a little “BLING” here just to have some fun. On the show today, she had guest appearance by her friends Elizabeth Kitt and Ty Brown-(Ty was on the Bachelor with Ryan) and they are getting married next month. Also in the audience fellow photographer Laura Bugg Power and her friend Lisa Rote. Also, Ana’s Dad, Ryan’s mom and family where on set. It was a very special day. We just found out today, that they will be airing a video of the proposal with our photos in it for you all to see. So make sure you check out the Dish this Friday on tv! I can’t wait to see it, and thank you Misty for getting us tickets!


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