YMCA Community Support Campaign

group plaque


Hey Everybody, I was invited out to Savannah Rapids tonight by the Marshall YMCA, they had a recognition event for some of the donors. We have been blessed to be able to give back to the YMCA, In 2012, we donated over $5,000 dollars, we matched that again in 2013, and are ready to roll into 2014. I love the YMCA. I love the values that they stand for, and that children our able to be on teams and learn team sports. A lot of kids are playing on the field due to our donations, and that is thankful to you, those of you that bought pictures from us on the field, that make this vision a reality. So from the Marshall, Wilson, North Jefferson (Wrens) North Augusta, and Aiken branches thank you. If you have any money left in your cookie jar, please think about donating it the local YMCA Community Support Program, you will make a lot of kids happy and put a smile on your heart at the same time!


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