Sophie and Cole







Hey Everybody, I photographed Sophie and Cole today over in North Augusta at the Brick Yard Ponds. Cole short for Coleraine, is stationed over at Fort Gordon and Sophie is from Morrisonville, Il., She just got here last night, she took the Greyhound bus 20 hours to get here. What a trip!  She is going to spend the next week here visiting with Cole. They are engaged to be married and headed to Italy after training is done here at Ft. Gordon. They are a really cute couple, and we had a really nice photo session! I had fun listening to how they met, they met in high school. Cole actually saw her for the first time in study hall, and liked how she looked. The next year when they were in Mr. Montgomery’s class (they call him Bob-Mont for short) Cole raised his hand and asked if he could sit next to Sophie. Sophie rolled her eyes, and that, is how this whole thing started. They have been together ever since, gone thru a couple of cars, a really cool Crown Victoria, which they called the Pimp Mobile, lol, and onto Cole’s F150, which led to the proposal. Sophie opened up the glove compartment one day and found her diamond ring in it, which changed the proposal from when Cole planned it, to driving down the road, will you marry me? And she said Yes, and that is all they wrote. Cute as can be, best friends, you gotta love it. Congratulations Cole and Sophie! Can I photograph you in Italy?


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